#4 Sightseeing

On Tuesday, the 26.11.2019, the work in small groups started, which were divided by the teachers.
For this occasion, everyone met 7:45 o’clock, at which time the regular lessons begin, in front of the
auditorium of the school.
Afterwards, the group work started and the students went into different rooms to get to know each
other and the districts that were assigned to them.
Over the week, the participants have the task to deal with a certain quarter of our city. Above all,
they should point out deficits and develop initiative ideas to make the quarters more appealing,
especially for young people.
The work phase is regularly interrupted by breaks.
After lunch, everyone drove to the city centre, where the groups spread out to the eight stations.
These stations, each dealing with one or two sights, were supervised and prepared by some students
of the 12 th year.
At the end there was a final meeting next to the Händel and from then on everyone could go home
or to the host families.
In the evening, there will be a party in the disco “am Turm”.


Swantje Paulsen (11)

Alma Jüttner (10 c)

Justin Götz (11)

Fabio Schafmeister (9e)

Violetta Höhne de Carvelho (9a)

Dorothea Fritz (11)

Magdalena Fabian (11)

Magdalena Tanneberger (11)

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