#6 city districts

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27.11.2019 – Meeting point townhouse. But this time not for the ceremonial opening, but to learn a bit more about the districts of our city.

Suitable for the tasks of the participants, the presentation was about the particularities of the City and the individual districts.

Then it started. Each group went to their district, where they could get an idea of its condition and possibilities for improvement. Implementations were different from group to group.

Partially, the students were completely self-responsible for their tour, while elsewhere the dedicated tour guide contributed the essentials or even someone from the neighbourhood, who showed them around.
Even though the weather was not particularly nice, some groups stayed outside till the end of their available time or sat in a café.
At school you could warm up again and take some food from the buffet. There was also lunch.
With the group work phase silence returned to the auditorium. The participants evaluated their
photos and collected ideas how to improve their district.
Afterwards, everybody went home to the host families and will meet again this evening in the “Theatrale”.


Swantje Paulsen (11)

Bastian Mucha (11)

Magdalena Tanneberger (11)

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