#8 the last days

Today the exchange students came in flocks

Because they were unaware

that they had to work in groups

and the teacher influenced them.

And in all groups they were not alone

Because none of them were at home

So they had to prepare the presentations

And should not argue too much.

They worked the whole day,

Until there was nothing left to say.

Simon Krippendorf

The 28.11 started with a lot of group work, which were interrupted by occasional breaks. Finally, the goal was to complete the presentations. There was silence throughout the hallways while groups were planning and organizing.

Afterwards, it was time to go home and prepare the food for the “International Dinner”, which took place in the evening.

At 6:00 pm they met again at the school, where first of all their work was presented in the auditorium, after which the students received their certificates and a group photo was taken.

Then, a review of the week was shown, while at the same time the buffet was opened. Many people helped themselves to food and held vivid conversation with each other.

The next program point was the presentation of each country, but first the assistants and participants of the event received thanks. Afterwards, people sang and danced.

On this last evening, you could see how the different groups have grown together. A great ending to an eventful week, which becomes clear by the fact that many of the participants were incredibly tired at the end.


The last day, the 29th November 2019, was probably the most relaxing day of the week.

Just sitting together in the auditorium, having a chat, while the members of the school newspaper took care of the music, at least at the beginning.

In between, the packed lunches were distributed.

At the end of the week, however, everyone had to say goodbye and often “hope to meet again soon”.

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Swantje Paulsen (11)

Magdalena Tanneberger (11)

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