#7 the Theatrale

Cosmopolitanism as the guideline of the YES-event – this became particularly apparent on the evening of the 27. November in the “Theatrale”.

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The participants were welcomed in front of the free venue.

It offers a meeting place for initiatives and political groups as well as the YES-event. It is committed to social and political engagement and tries to help e.g. refugees who are looking for a job and with their application, all under the motto of mutual help. In addition, the free venue offers language meetings where people who want to learn the same language can help and talk to each other.

Therefore, the guest students, hosts and teachers shared the same space with people from different countries interested in languages.

In the “Freie(n) Spielstätte” the students from the European countries could watch a theatrical performance. On that occasion, four young adults using various figures personating colours to pose different social problems and challenges. For example, clichés about certain colours portrayed sexism. The pictorial presentation was accompanied by partly serious, partly satirical speeches in which attention was drawn to homophobia, search for identity, alternative lifestyles and sexism.

Thus, the performance clearly supported tolerance and openness.

The play dealt with today’s challenges and afterwards, the participants had time to use their time individually and make new contacts.

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